The Space

Amy + Kate

Welcome to Rowan Tree.

Imagine working in a warm and inviting space full of color and natural light. Where you can work in an open space and share ideas, or work quietly and take a private phone call. Where you can take a break to do some yoga on-site, or borrow some paint and create something (paint by number totally counts!). Where you can sit on some comfy couches with your coffee and brainstorm, or use a team room for a group effort, or concentrate in our quiet “focus zone” when you really need to get ‘er done.

A “coffee shop coworking” style, our space is built for busy women who want their work experience to be wrapped in wellness and creativity. We know convenience plays a large part of keeping balance. That is why our building will have easy parking, and quick, convenient access to nearby amenities like the grocery store, salon, cleaners, and restaurants.

We are so excited for our new space in Sunset Business Park!
280 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20170