2020 Earth Day – Get Rid of Paint Cans Safely – Guest Blog by Janet Schiesl, Basic Organization

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Earth Day is April 22nd.

Have you thought about how you are going to mark the date and do something good for Mother Earth? How about organizing a space in your home? A lot of people are already doing this. So many so that Goodwill and other charities are unable to accommodate all the donations at this time.

But I’m not challenging you to declutter a space where you’d donate your unwanted items to a charity thrift store. I want you to work on getting rid of your old cans of paint. If you are like most people, you have old cans from the previous homeowner or a long ago project. Everyone has them. The challenge is how to discard them in an  environmentally friendly way.

Old paint cans should never go into the regular trash!

You could always take your discards to your local hazardous waste recycling center. Did you know they existed? I actually made a video a few years ago to show how easy it is to dispose of old paint at the Fairfax County Transfer Station.

But did you also know that Virginia incinerates and dumps its paint into landfills, and depending on the county– and they are closed, and/or hazmat drop off days are suspended for the next few months because of COVID-19. So I want to offer another option that is even easier (less DIY) than packing it all into your car and driving to the dump. This option means you don’t have to do it yourself.

Options for getting rid of your paint cans

Yuck Old Paint offers the unique service of picking up your old paint cans (including spray paint, caulk tubes, etc at your home and then safely disposes of it. The only professional services company in the mid-Atlantic region to handle the safe removal of old paint cans, varnishes, turpentine, pesticides, household cleaners, motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizers and many more… AND they keep them out of the landfill ! 

Yuck Old Paint takes both latex (water-based, enamel and acrylic) and oil-based paints. Their fees are reasonable, especially if you have a large collection of rusty or leaky cans.


Residential homes:

— $85 service fee

— $125 service fee if you are a 3rd-party agent acting on behalf of the property, ie a real estate agent, trustee, estate attorney who is not a direct family relation to the property

— $10 per 5-gallon bucket

— $5 per 1-gallon can

— $5 per quart can

— No Charge for aerosol cans (spray paint), caulk tubes, and containers pint-sized and smaller.

They also provide this service to commercial buildings.

So collect those old cans, tubes and bottles.

Leave them on  your front porch, driveway or lawn. Then schedule your convenient, contactless pick up at your home. Your credit card will be processed remotely.

Rowan Tree (which I am a member), a unique co-working space in Herndon Virginia is working together with Yuck Old Paint  to support the larger effort of improper hazardous waste disposal 

Do something good to celebrate Earth Day this month by decluttering these unusual items in your home and then responsibly disposing of your hazardous waste.

Call today to schedule your pickup with Yuck Old Paint.


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A Certified Professional Organizer, and a published contributor of the book Get Organized Today, Janet Schiesl is the owner of Basic Organization–a leading professional home organizing services company in Northern Virginia. Janet is a member of Rowan Tree.

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