At Rowan Tree, our intention is simple:

To help women bloom in a constructive, creative, fun, and gratifying space.
Nourish your work, your mind, and your body while helping others do the same.

We are excited and honored to be taking this journey with so many phenomenal women.

Rowan Tree is a women-focused coworking and cogrowth community that allows you to:

  • Work in an open space, collaborating and networking with smart, innovative, and like-minded women
  • Get your wellness and creativity on through provided “creative catalysts” and an on-site fitness studio
  • Work in focused “quiet” spaces, as needed, or meet with clients or teams in private conference rooms
  • Participate in thought-provoking and fun, educational, social, and community focused events
  • Develop mentor and mentee relationships that can help guide and navigate your career path
  • Give back to the community through our 5 to 1 membership modelfor every five memberships, one scholarship will be given to a woman who might not otherwise have access to the space.

Rowan Tree is for women* who:

  • Work from home often, with small teams, or remotely and may feel isolated and disconnected from their community and need a space other than a coffee shop to get work done or hold client and team meetings
  • Are building their business or career, and looking to develop partnerships and support systems to broaden their reach and capabilities
  • Are emerging into the workforce or focusing on the next chapter of their career and want to connect with and learn from successful, fun, balanced, and positive women
  • Are finding it difficult to create a balance of work, connection, health, and creativity along with life’s daily responsibilities
  • Are looking to be a part of a diverse community that supports women of all ages, races, income levels, and professions.

*Awesome men, transgender, and non-binary people are all welcome!

5:1 Scholarship Model

It is important for us to do good and lift up women who need an extra boost. We provide a 5-for-1 scholarship model to offer membership to women and in the community, who meet socioeconomic needs, creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment.

For every five members, we’ll fund one full scholarship.

Come cowork + cogrow with us! Founding memberships + crowdfunding now open!