At Rowan Tree, our intention is simple:

To help women bloom in a constructive, creative, and fun community and workspace. Nourish your work, your mind, and your body while helping others do the same.

Rowan Tree is a women-focused coworking and cogrowth community offering the following:

  • Intentional allyship – Inclusive and welcoming community to ALL
  • Open safe workspace – to focus and be productive
  • Conference rooms – to meet with clients or small teams
  • Well-living focus – yoga, meditation, and mental health conversations
  • Virtual events – business-oriented, personal, and connection-focused
  • Networking and Friendships – helpful and meaningful relationships with like-minded women business owners
  • Scholarships – lift up other women
  • Flexible options available both in-person and virtually
  • Virtual office – professional business address and mail options

Our Differentiator

We aren’t just about business and we aren’t only about self-care.
Instead, we focus on taking care of your whole self, growing within the areas that are important to you.
We approach our community and growth ecosystem with heart, openness, and collaboration.
We are built by women to support the unique needs of women but we are open to ALL.

Like the roots of trees that connect and nourish each other beneath the ground,
our members offer each other warmth, brilliance, ideas, friendship, and support.
Together we grow. Together we thrive.

Cogrowth Membership Grant

We lift up the women in our community who need an extra boost. By offering a Cogrowth Membership Grant to a historically marginalized female identifying business owner who may have barriers to joining, we are helping to create an inclusive environment with opportunities for more small businesses to grow and succeed.

Connect, cowork + cogrow with us! Memberships are open!