Announcing the SOAR Community Network + Rowan Tree Partnership: Creating Conscientious Leaders Together

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What if we all led with compassion and creativity? What if we made decisions based on the idea that we are all connected? What would happen if leading mindfully became the norm of our business culture?

We know what would happen. According to Marissa Levin of Successful Culture International, research shows that when leaders actively engage in mindfulness practices, there is more hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience among employees. In short: mindfully-led organizations are happier and more successful.

The Partnership

Rowan Tree and the SOAR Community Network are both building a culture of leadership. In this realm, leaders will nourish the idea that we can build stronger, more sustainable businesses when we embrace passion, stand up for what we believe in, and lead mindfully.

  • Rowan Tree is a women-focused coworking and cogrowth community of business owners and professionals. Members are dedicated to working in and contributing to an environment that fosters balance and success through connection, warmth, openness, and collaboration.
  • The SOAR Community Network is a community of mindful, spiritually connected and socially responsible business and civic leaders who are change agents for our communities. Full of connection and learning opportunities, SOAR Community Nebula Change Agents provide events, courses and live webinars for development and growth.

Benefits to Rowan Tree and SOAR Members

To amplify our missions to establish a culture of conscientious leadership, Rowan Tree and SOAR decided to partner up. We commit to helping our members access even more programming, authentic connections, and opportunities to build businesses that are thoughtful, impactful, and successful. Here are the member benefits:

  • SOAR will provide Rowan Tree members a 10% discount rate on all SOAR-hosted events (RT members – Use your discount on the upcoming SOAR Community Summit!)
  • Rowan Tree will provide SOAR members a waived initiation fee on Rowan Tree membership ($75 value) and a 20% discount on Rowan Tree events and space rentals

Shape the Future of Leadership with Us

Will you join us at this year’s SOAR Community Summit? We’ll discuss the future of leadership on Oct. 3rd at Industrious, Alexandria. You can be a part of the conversation with business executives, entrepreneurs, organizational development experts, mindfulness practitioners, leadership consultants, community change agents, nonprofit champions and civic leaders who are committed to creating greater social impact through their businesses, brands, nonprofits and grassroots initiatives.

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