Beautiful Event Rental Space in Northern Virginia

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By: April Horency

The landscape of events these days is ever-changing, but whether you are looking for something big or small, corporate or fun, Rowan Tree offers a unique and safe event space in Herndon, VA. Located just 10 min from Washington Dulles International Airport and surrounded by local restaurants for catering and meals and hotels if you have out of town guests, it’s the perfect landing spot for your event.

Here are  a few events we’ve hosted at Rowan Tree:

  • Holiday Parties for Work or Social Groups
  • Anniversary, Birthday, and Graduation Celebrations 
  • Corporate Outings
  • Educational Events
  • Team trainings
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Restorative/Wellness Retreats
  • Vendor Events
  • Photo/Video Shoots
  • Weddings
  • Concerts

At Rowan Tree, our high ceilings, reclaimed wood, tailored metal work, twinkle lights, and touches of color provide a beautiful and unique venue for your event rental. Our 3,000 square foot facility with twenty foot ceilings gives you a large open space where guests can talk, sit, or let loose. From our mezzanine levels, guests can enjoy the view, mingle, or even view a presentation or ceremony happening below. 

Large Events: Entire Treehouse Rental

For bigger events of 30-100 people such as parties, fundraisers, movie screenings, or even a wedding, our treehouse can be rented out. The entire facility will be closed for your private event so you can decorate, have a DJ, and bring in delicious treats for you and your guests. And as silly as it may seem, you even have control of the temperature. That’s not always the case with larger venues. Rowan Tree is complete with ADA accessible doors and restrooms as well as a private lounge and changing room in the back so all of your guests can feel comfortable. Our wonderful, eclectic treehouse is available weeknights and weekends for your events. 

Small Events: Individual Space Rental

Community Hub

Need a space that is fit for presentations? Our community hub is the perfect event space for you. Tables and chairs are included in this rental along with top-of-the-line presentation displays and a great sound system for music, speeches, and videos. A great addition to your presentation is the Hybrid Owl Tool which creates an interactive experience for those who can’t attend in person and makes them feel like they are at the event.

Conference Rooms

If you have a small group that just needs a space to focus and collaborate, or a place to meet with a vendor or client, our small conference rooms are available to rent by the hour or the day. They come complete with a whiteboard and a projection screen for your laptop. 


Our Play Space is perfect for small events; it can be all yours for a creative or physical activity. Fun fact — it can hold 10-15 yoga mats. But don’t be fooled by the name of this space; it can also accommodate corporate events and trainings with tables and/or rows of chairs. Add-on a projector and screen for a small additional fee. 

A Workspace for Focus and Inspiration

If you don’t need an event space but are looking for a change of scenery to get work done, our main open workspace is a great place to escape and focus on your work but also connect with others. To take full advantage of our workspaces, check out our flexible memberships aimed to fit your needs. Members also receive a 20 percent discount on event rentals.

Interested in holding an event at Rowan Tree? Check out more details in our event rental brochure and request a quote on our website. Whatever the occasion, Rowan Tree has a space full of character and warmth ready to be rented for your next event, big or small, in the Northern Virginia area.

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