Better Together: The Benefits of Coworking for Small Teams

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By: April Horency

Are you concerned about employee productivity? With its countless distractions, working from home often hinders employees from getting work done. It also makes it harder for small teams to get together and collaborate. Unfortunately, the alternative is a costly office space. I offer you a better alternative: a shared workspace, also known as coworking, at a place like Rowan Tree in Herndon, VA.

Coworking Spaces v. Traditional Offices

According to AP News, “A coworking space poses a perfect solution for professionals who face such problems because it offers them office space at a reasonable price with all the amenities of a traditional office space without the distraction of home.” The full list of amenities which coworking spaces offer include:

  • Flexible memberships
  • Free coffee
  • Endless printer ink
  • High speed and reliable internet connection
  • Conference rooms for meetings
  • Mailing and business address
  • Collaboration, camaraderie, and networking opportunities
  • Increased productivity and innovation
  • Workshops for self-improvement

You never know what curveballs may be thrown at your business plan. The pandemic is a perfect example. Your team may have gone virtual but you were still stuck paying a lease for an office space that you weren’t using. And in Northern Virginia a commercial lease can be incredibly expensive. The flexibility that Rowan Tree offers can help your business be resilient in times of change with memberships that fit your company’s needs. 

Memberships are paid on a month-to-month basis so you aren’t stuck in a long contract. It includes amenities such as coffee and printer ink that you no longer have to purchase yourself. All those pesky office management tasks are taken care of — saving you focus, time, and money.

Team Meetings, Business Address, & Community

By joining a coworking space you also have access to conference rooms for important client or team meetings. Rowan Tree’s conference rooms offer extra-large monitors, whiteboards, and even a special hybrid meeting camera.

Many people who let their commercial office lease go switched their business address to their home. Coworking spaces offer mailing and business addresses to maintain a professional presence and keep your personal data private. 

Although each small business may join a shared workspace for varying reasons, they have common goals. Managing a team can be hard regardless of the size, but working alongside other business owners and small companies can create a sense of camaraderie. Working in a niche coworking space, like Rowan Tree, that is focused on women business owners offers a whole other level of support and collaboration. The network and relationships between women business owners goes deeper. They help you troubleshoot and overcome obstacles, cheer one another, and do business together. It is truly a community based around collaboration over competition and strength together. 

Small Team Meeting in Rowan Tree’s Tree Loft Conference Room

Focus, Creativity, and Mental Health

Working together in a shared space helps employees focus and get their creative juices flowing so they can be more productive and innovative. Getting out of their house regularly (we recommend twice per week) also helps improve their work-life balance and mental health. At Rowan Tree the focus is not solely on business, but an individual’s whole self. Rowan Tree offers events focused on small business, personal development, antiracism and equity, creativity, self care and more.

In Summary

AP News approximates that 35% to 55% of your workforce does not need their workspace. However, coworking gives your employees the benefits of an office space they just can’t get from their home. Finding a place to meet with your team is vital. If you’re interested in making Rowan Tree your team’s landing spot in Northern Virginia and gaining access to all of its amenities, check out the team membership info page. Let’s chat so we can learn about your company and curate the right solution for your needs.

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