Black Lives Matter.

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Lead by Listening. Then by Doing.

Contemporary race relations have been elevated to the forefront — and rightly so. We know that COVID-19 has exacerbated the alarming disparities between races. Then, with the yet again all too senseless murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, the country — particularly the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community — has hit its boiling point.

We want you to know that as the co-founders of Rowan Tree, we take this issue seriously and to the heart. At the same time, we don’t claim to understand the depth of where the BIPOC community is coming from, nor what they are experiencing.

We have been incredibly heartened to see our community’s passion and commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement. And, as the co-founders, we feel it is our duty to not just support, but lead. And in these times, we lead first by listening. Then by doing.

As a community that prides ourselves on inclusion, openness, collaboration, and growth, we are offering a special, Rowan Tree members-only listening session, entitled: Stop and Listen: A Listening Session on Contemporary Racial Relations with Members of the Rowan Tree Community. We are blessed to have several Black members who have graciously, with open hearts, offered to share their experiences with our group. Our members will join us with open hearts and minds, closed mouths, and a commitment to #pullup and #standup with our Black sisters and brothers. We will listen to their stories. Learn. Reflect. And then shine our influence and actions forward.

We are also inviting our members to keep the conversation going in our online community and with others. As we learn more, those who are interested will keep in regular touch about how we can continue to take action and support Black Lives Matter.

Pablo Picasso said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” 

What you can do.

This is an uncomfortable, upsetting time. The systemic racism in our country is being called out and recognized in a way like never before — and we are tearing it down. We have a historical opportunity to rebuild and create. We may not know the right things to say, and that’s okay.  If we listen — truly listen — and make every effort to understand, perhaps we can finally, together, help turn the tide for our sisters and brothers and walk on the same level ground.

Check in with your friends who may be hurting. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t ask them what you can do; tell them what you are already doing. We recommend you review and then commit to watching, reading, or doing at least THREE of the recommendations in this compiled document of Anti-Racist resources.

To our Black friends: We are here to listen to you. We are with you. We will take a stand for you.


Love to all.

Kate + Amy

BFFs and Co-Founders

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