cogrowth cohorts

Rowan Tree’s signature Cogrowth Cohorts™ are time-bound work groups to create business focus + momentum.

Working with carefully selected partners, each Cohort offers different goals using same trifecta for success:

  • Time-bound structure + process to follow
  • Business coach + facilitators to provide guidance, advice, and insights
  • Accountability group with a cadre of women business owners who get it, support you, and hold your feet to the fire (in the most loving way, of course).


Because of the Cogrowth Cohort, I was able to focus on a project that I had been wanting to accomplish but was always sidelined because of day-to-day issues. It really kickstarted me into self-examination of my offerings and what my specialties are as a branding photographer. I learned a process for tackling these seemingly overwhelming projects that is methodical and practical. And the weekly accountability kept me to task!

Melissa Maillett, Headshot + Personal Branding Photographer 


An 8-week program for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to set goals that align with a broader strategy to move their business forward.


Rowan Tree is thrilled to introduce its newest Business Cogrowth Cohort in partnership with Tina Unrue, life/mindset coach and owner of Selfish Mama, and Jennifer Hocutt, business strategist and owner of J. Hocutt Group to bring you a program that we know will help many of you who…

  • Don’t know where to begin to effectively strategize your business goals
  • Have tried to strategize in the past, but weren’t able to remain focused and committed to the vision
  • Feel more reactive than you’d like to business needs and clients
  • Struggle to plan in a way that’s sustainable
  • Stress about where to even focus your efforts
  • Question whether your day-to-day efforts are moving the needle forward



The Growth Cohort gave me the structure and strategy for setting goals and actually meeting them. I accomplished more in a few weeks on a major project than I had in 2 years.” — Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist

We launch April 18. Sign up now!

A 6-week program to help business owners focus, find clarity, and take action one week at a time.

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  • Week 1: Learn HOW to set your goal and prioritize key milestones and tasks
  • Week 2: Create your sprint plan.
  • Weeks 3-6: SPRINT! Each week we will start off with a working session and end with a recap and reset for the next week.

Our business coach Eric Byrd will lead the way, and you will have a structure, tools, and maybe the most important — a cadre of other women business owners to support and keep each other accountable along the way.

Includes facilitated sessions, “spotlight sessions” for each cohort member to have 1:1 coaching time, weekly power hours, workbook, access to the Rowan Treehouse, and perhaps the most invaluable of all, an accountability group who will cheer you on and support you. Optional maintenance program is available for alumni.