cogrowth cohorts

We are excited to announce two Cogrowth Cohorts as part of our Cogrowth Ecosystem.

The Rowan Tree Business Cogrowth Cohort:

A Work Group to Create Focus + Maintain Momentum

A facilitated 10-week virtual SPRINT group to help women business owners focus, prioritize, and take action to propel your business forward.

Don’t wait for the start of the school year to catch up and implement your business plans. Discover details, pricing, and register for our second Cogrowth Cohort before seats fill up! We launch August 16, 2021.

The Cogrowth Cohort provides women business owners with:

✔ A structure to help you sort out ALL THE THINGS you know you’re supposed to do.
✔ Tools and processes to help you brainstorm and prioritize.
✔ A Business Coach to help you navigate and a “hot seat” day to focus on YOU.
✔ And an intimate accountability group to support each other along the way.


“The Growth Cohort gave me the structure and strategy for setting goals and actually meeting them. I accomplished more in a few weeks on a major project than I had in 2 years.”
– Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist + Owner, Tenth House Creative

Coming Soon! 0-60: Startup Cogrowth Cohort

for brand new businesses just getting their baring’s and building their dream. This 60-day intensive will get your business off the ground and culminate with a dolphin-tank style competition, business support package, and win a membership to Rowan Tree – Launching late 2021