Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cowork + cogrowth space?

We are about more than work, though that is something we want our members to do in our space. Our members will grow their businesses, themselves, and each other. We will all grow professionally, personally, and creatively. We are about working and growing — together.

Our Rowan Tree coworking and cogrowth community that allows you to:

  • Work in an open space, collaborating and networking with smart, innovative, and like-minded women
  • Get your wellness and creativity on through provided “creative catalysts” and an on-site fitness studio
  • Work in focused “quiet” spaces, as needed, or meet with clients or teams in private conference rooms
  • Participate in thought-provoking and fun, educational, social, and community focused events
  • Develop mentor and mentee relationships that can help guide and navigate your career path
  • Give back to the community through our 5 to 1 membership model; for every five memberships, one scholarship will be given to a woman who might not otherwise have access to the space.
Are men allowed?

Absolutely. We welcome awesome men and non-binary people. Why? Even though our programming is focused on women and created by women, we believe different perspectives bring a richer environment. And frankly — we love men! Our husbands have been our biggest cheerleaders, and many men in the community have provided us invaluable support.

Do you have childcare?

Not full time. One day we hope to! However, we do try to accommodate parents as much as possible:

  • We will have some special event childcare, as well as some onsite childcare during certain school days, such as snow days or professional development days, TBD.
  • Do you have a baby 6 months old or less? Bring her!
  • Finally, we will have a lactation room where you can just relax as much as possible.
What is your programming like?

As working moms ourselves, we know it’s hard — maybe impossible — to get in workouts, grow professionally, and nurture our creative and personal sides. That’s why we are offering it all in one place. We have partners who are helping us create core programming around wellness, professional development and leadership, and creativity and personal growth. All of our programming will have some key elements in common: You won’t hear the typical DC jargon. We are about authenticity, refreshing and creative thinking, and above all, being good people who are good to each other.

What’s included in membership?

Is it $2,400 for a year membership and this includes programs and daily basic business infrastructure needs?

Yes: Monthly ($275/month) and Annual Memberships ($2400/year) include:

  • Access to high-speed wired and wireless internet
  • Access to printers + office amenities
  • Premium coffee + tea
  • Onsite yoga + wellness classes
  • Access to unlimited Rowan Tree professional + personal growth programming
  • Conference room session credits (2 hours per month)
  • Member pricing on all event space reservations
  • Member pricing on special events
  • Add-ons include credits for printing, wellness programming; and additional credits for conference room sessions; locker rental; mail and package handling.
  • Annual members only: The right to 24/7 access (price and/or deposit for keys to be determined)
  • Monthly members: Access to the space during normal operating hours (9:00am – 5:00pm Monday thru Friday, except holidays), as well as freedom to use the space during other hours if manager is present.
What is the value of membership?

Where is your space?

We are located in the Sunset Business Park at 280 Sunset Park Dr. Herndon, VA 20170

To get here, you turn in from Spring Street, make a quick left, then a quick right. We are right around the corner from the cleaners!

Rowan Tree sounds great but not sure it’s right for me. Are there other comparable spaces?
  • There are definitely other spaces, but none offer the same coworking + cogrowth vibe we do. However, if you are checking out some other spaces, here is some info for you. We believe that we should support other businesses and make sure members find their best fit.
  • First, cost: Most conference room rentals in the area run between $35-$90/hour in the area. We took time to make sure our memberships and conference spaces were comparable:
  • Search to get some options.
  • Other workspace examples in the region:
What is the price for the conference rooms?

Most conference room rentals in the area run between $35-$90/hour in the area. We took time to make sure our memberships and conference spaces were comparable.

Event Rentals at Rowan Tree