Get out of your funk and your house: The benefits of a change of scenery

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By: April Horency

Funk is a good thing when talking about music, but it’s not so good if it describes your mood. Working from home everyday can put you in that funk as the boredom creeps in and the productivity, creativity, and motivation drop. Luckily, a change of scenery can reverse this.

As a small, remote team, you have workplace flexibility which gives you the luxury to change your workplace whenever you want. You may wonder, why would I want to work somewhere else when I spent the past year perfecting my ergonomic workplace? Well, changing your four walls may be more beneficial than you think.

Improve work-life balance

Working from home constantly throws your work-life balance out of whack. You get easily distracted by the house work that needs to be done and the cat that wants attention…then there goes an hour you could have spent working. There needs to be a boundary set between the two so you can get the focus time you need. Changing your scenery can put you in the mindset needed to focus on your work without the added distractions.

Increase happiness levels

Humans have an innate need for variety. This includes a change of scenery because being exposed to a variety of scenes makes you happy, excited, and relaxed. Conversely, seeing the same scene over and over again can drive unhappiness. CNBC references a study done by researchers from New York University and the University of Miami who found that “having new, diverse experiences every day is linked to positive emotions and enhanced happiness.”

Promote learning

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to modify its connections or rewire itself. It is essential for our brain to learn new things and remember details. Having those diverse experiences and getting out of your comfort zone can improve your brain’s neuroplasticity and promote learning. You and your small team can get out of your comfort zone by travelling to a new country or just coming down the road to Rowan Tree in Herndon.  

Change habits

Your environment has a huge effect on your mood and habits. Working from your home often creates bad habits such as snacking and avoiding work with chores and/or your phone. Changing your environment slowly eliminates those bad habits and there you can introduce new, healthy habits into your routine. 

Boost productivity

Remote work can become monotonous and give rise to errors. Even if you only work in a new place for a few hours a week, it can boost productivity. One new place to work in is a green area which can help boost your mood, mental health, and productivity. Having a coworking space like Rowan Tree to escape to can also help solidify a work mode that boosts your productivity.

Rowan Tree’s Treehouse gives you a conference room for your small team to gather to bounce ideas off each other and the shared space to get social interaction with other small business owners. Forbes states a more flexible space with a common area is beneficial since a shared space is a great place to foster creative innovation. Giving your employees the option to come to Rowan Tree gives them freedom and allows them to take ownership of the workplace which in turn helps them enjoy their work and be more productive. 

If you’re getting easily distracted, feel like you’re in a funk, or lack inspiration, it may be time for a change of scenery. Get all of these benefits just by getting out of your house and coming to Rowan Tree.

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