I count on you to count on me: The benefits of cohort-based learning

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By: April Horency

New beginnings means new goals. Achieving those goals aren’t always easy, but cohort-based learning can help you launch your idea. Cohort-based learning is an approach where individuals gather to learn and collaborate together. They are topical and shorter, only about six weeks, in nature and are now conducted in a hybrid model. Cohort-based learning builds community, fosters accountability, and delivers results for those participating.

Build community

Slack created communities with thousands of people online. Large online communities such as this make one feel like when you’re talking to everyone, you’re actually talking to no one at all since there is no genuine relationship. Small cohort groups are more engaging because you get to know one another and form closer relationships. 

Not only do you get a new friend group out of cohort-based learning, but you also get a community of like minded women entrepreneurs to support you on the journey of a small business. Since you each own a business, you are familiar with the joys and sacrifices that come with it. Together everyone can provide and receive motivation and support from new friends who will think of you if a future job opportunity arises. Think friendship. Think family. Think sisterhood. 

Foster accountability

Stronger together: Cohorts work

We all want to see our friends succeed and due to the close-knit community feeling one gets from cohort-based learning, you become friends. This fosters accountability because in order to succeed in your goals, you need to stay actively working towards achieving them. Breaks are always necessary, but this group of women will make sure that you are not falling behind. The Rowan Tree Business Cogrowth Cohort offers cohort working sessions where you all meet over Zoom to focus on your work and hold one another accountable. 

“One of the best things about this cohort was the accountability. If I did this by myself, in my home office and without the fabulous support that I get with this group, I wouldn’t get anything done or nearly as fast or as efficient. So this group really helped me focus on what I needed to focus on and actually get things done rather than just talking about them in circles”

Jen Monago, The Savvy Somm 

Deliver results

Impact is driven by quality content that is curated for the specific context of the cohort and can be understood and applied by the learner. At Rowan Tree Business Cogrowth Cohort you will create a crisp, clear goal with milestones and tasks and receive feedback and guidance from the business coach and fellow women business owners. These will give you the skill sets, mindsets, and toolsets of the modern workplace so you can launch your idea and see direct results of it.

Getting feedback from your peers is a crucial aspect of cohorts. As stated in Forbes, “By observing peers, learners get a glimpse of what success can look like at different stages of realization. This makes actions more apparent to learners, and they can begin implementation in their career more readily.”

During “Spotlight Sessions” at Rowan Tree Business Cogrowth Cohort you will be able to flesh out goals with the business coach and peers. These are 15 minutes focused on you and your goal(s) so you can ask questions and clarify goals. Listening to your peers’ experiences gives you that glimpse of how success looks at their small business in different stages, so take this insight and reflect on your own position.

Cohorts are an intimate, interactive, and energizing experience. They do not only benefit your business by fostering accountability and delivering results, but your social life by building a community of women business owners. If you have a business goal but for some reason can’t get it to launch, try cohort-based learning where targeted sessions will help you achieve them.

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