Make Work a Hoot for Your Virtual Team

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By: April Horency

Should I stay or should I go? That’s the question weighing on worker’s minds right now as they wonder whether to continue working virtually or go back into the office.

Many small business and leadership teams are deciding that a hybrid work model is the answer to this dilemma. As a business owner or team lead, you may have come to that same conclusion. It is a great way to allow your employees to do what makes them feel most comfortable. However, how do you allow this flexibility while not compromising the benefits of in-person interaction?

A Cool Hybrid Meeting Solution

Rowan Tree can provide you with a solution that doesn’t compromise the virtual worker’s ability to actively participate in meetings. The Meeting Owl Pro is a premium, 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker device. It features an 18-foot audio pickup radius, eight smart microphones, plug-and-play setup, and easy to use analytics. And it integrates hand-in-hand with your favorite virtual meeting tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, GoToMeeting, and more.These features together create an immersive and fun experience for hybrid teams.

When used on their own, virtual meeting tools typically used in hybrid meetings leave virtual workers wondering “hooooo” is talking. Luckily the Meeting Owl’s 360-degree camera automatically zooms in on who is speaking at that time. The omnidirectional speakers also ensure that virtual workers will always hear what is being said.

Collaboration and Connection for Virtual Workers

The fast pace of meetings makes it hard for those in your dispersed team who are not in-person to keep up with who is speaking. By focusing on the speaker, whether it’s the person giving the presentation or simply making a comment during a meeting, the Owl gives the same opportunity for collaboration and connection to virtual workers as those who are in-person. Feeling that their contributions are meaningful makes virtual workers feel valued and an integrated part of the team which ultimately supports workplace happiness and retention.

While transitioning to a hybrid work model seems like the best choice right now, recognizing that it comes with its own sets of challenges is important as well. Finding a flexible space with the right technology and high-speed connection is critical for collaboration and connection. Rowan Tree and the Meeting Owl are here to help.

Northern Virginia Meeting Room Rentals

The Meeting Owl Pro is also available as an add-on when renting one of our meeting rooms. It is an easy to use tool with a simple set up. You and your virtual team will have a hoot using the Owl in your next meeting room rental in Herndon, VA. Reach out if you have any questions, want to learn more about our virtual meeting packages, or if you are ready to book a conference room. If you aren’t in the Northern Virginia area, check out Davinci for meeting room rentals.

Team Coworking Memberships

Rowan Tree offers flexible group memberships that meets YOUR team’s specific needs. Do you want your home-based employees to meet in person once a month with the option of joining virtually? Would you like to offer your virtual team a beautiful workspace to escape the distractions of home? Or perhaps you’d like to offer your team private meeting rooms a few hours a month. Whatever you need, Rowan Tree can help you shape a package that helps your team feel connected and supported. Email us any time and we’d be happy to listen and learn about your business and your team’s needs.

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