Motivation is Hot! Reach Your Small Business Goals this Year at Rowan Tree

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By: April Horency

When I think of New Year’s resolutions, the first things that come to mind are physical goals such as exercising regularly and eating healthier. For those who are truly committed to these goals, they often put plans and structures in place to help them achieve them, such as joining a gym or finding a running partner.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, New Year’s also offers a natural and perfect time to plan for the year ahead. But how often does that goal setting also include putting plans and structures in place to help ensure we reach our goals? In order to have strong, vibrant, and successful (hot!) businesses and reach our new goals, we need the same kind of support we put in place to keep us motivated to achieve our physical goals.

Whether it’s New Year’s or you are just ready for double down and grow your business, here are some tips to be successful this year:

Start with planning

As small business owners, our ultimate goal is to improve our business. We know that formal business plans are the playbook for starting and managing growth, but it should continue to be a living breathing document that adjusts as we do, with regular reviewing and revising (or creating!) your plan to grow your business.

Your business plan may change over the year, but Forbes gives an example of five realistic New Year’s resolutions for small business owners you can set anytime:

  1. Build an online presence and take advantage of digital tools
  2. Create a caregiving plan for your employees
  3. Get certified
  4. Get up to speed on federal opportunities
  5. Join a small business organization

Sticking to your plan — connect with your “why”

If you failed a similar business goal last year, then you might doubt that you’ll achieve it this year too. Believing in yourself and making concerted efforts toward your goals are key to making them happen. In fact, the biggest reason why most goals fail is that you know what you want but not why you want it. Why did you start working out? Because you wanted to feel healthier. Ask yourself why you set that business goal.

In order to stay connected with the why, make your goal as specific as possible. The more specific it is, the better you will be able to envision it in your head and thus be more self-motivated and more likely to succeed. Over the course of the year unforeseen obstacles are bound to pop up, but being proactive by reviewing your original business plan at regular intervals and adjusting if need be will help you be resilient. Don’t let setbacks get you down — when you lack motivation, the coworking community at Rowan Tree can push you to keep climbing towards your goals.

Reaching your goals with a coworking + cogrowth community

Having social support is critical to achieving your business goals because it can offer you accountability to your commitment as well as ideas and opportunities that you did not know existed. Every member of Rowan Tree works hard to be best at what they do, which means you’ll be surrounded by hard work and success, which will drive you to match that energy and achieve the same success. And with a core tenet of “collaboration over competition,” you will feel and know that your fellow members want to see you achieve it, too. So if you think it’s important to have a running or gym buddy who helps motivate you to finish that last mile or rep, why wouldn’t you also ensure you have an entire tribe of women entrepreneurs cheering you on every step of your small business journey?

Mental wellbeing

In addition to community support, the past two years have been a wakeup call to how individual and organizational wellbeing are deeply intertwined. Holistic wellbeing is also a focus of Rowan Tree, so we infuse a mix of business, wellness, creativity, laughter, and self-health into all of our events and workshops. In addition to the learning opportunities, making mindful connections with other members at Rowan Tree before and after these events can boost your mood as well as your productivity. 

Slow and steady wins the race

Just like progress towards your health and fitness goals, business growth isn’t made overnight. It’s all about perseverance and working towards your goals with fellow women entrepreneurs facing the same struggles will help keep you both on track to success. Don’t climb or run alone! Reach the top with Rowan Tree. Check out our flexible memberships here.

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