Our Commitment Beyond Black History Month

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As business owners, we have a unique and important opportunity to reach more people, to help promulgate causes that matter. 

Last summer, like much of the rest of the country, we were both horrified and ashamed that it took the escalation of George Floyd’s murder and the protests that ensued afterwards to truly capture our attention. It took this escalation and mass crying out for us to absorb the reality of what our Black sisters and brothers face every day.

We committed to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, to educate ourselves, and to take action to continue to support efforts for equality and racial equity. 

So, how have we been doing these last 6 months? 

We have made strides in educating ourselves, but we can and should be taking more action to advance the cause and cultivate change. We are currently reviewing our policies, our culture, or vendor and member relationships, and our offerings to ensure we are allies, advocates, and activists.

We are also fortunate to have a group of passionate and dedicated members who helped us start an “Anti-Racism and Equity in Action” group within our community. The team coordinates a speaker or action every month. We hold a monthly call to discuss that experience, and then we each spend a focused “Power Hour” on tasks and actions around anti-racism and equity. Each action is dependent on the person’s individual passion and business goals.

As community leaders we have a platform and the ability to do more. Rowan Tree will continue to strengthen our support of Black women and women of color business owners. We will continue to do the hard work, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to support efforts to increase equity in our community. We expect to make mistakes and learn along the way. We will continue to share our journey as we go because it’s not about just Black History month. It’s about becoming aware of our blindspots, confronting biases, and taking steps forward. We are committed to being part of the change.

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