Roomies, Best Friends, and Rowan Tree’s Interns

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By: April Horency

As Rowan Tree was founded by a pair of best friends, it’s only fitting that the Rowan Tree interns be best friends, too. Sarah and I first met in the freshman dorms at George Mason and couldn’t seem to get enough of each other, so we became roommates and joined the same sorority the next year. While we don’t quite share a birthday like Kate and Amy do, we were born one day apart from each other. Besides these similarities to Rowan Tree’s founders, here is more about us and what we do to support the Treehouse and its community.

April Horency

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am an honest and open communicator who holds a deep appreciation and commitment to the environment and wants to work to save it. I am also a cat mom who loves to travel, hike, read, write creatively, and try out new hobbies, including my newest one, yoga.

What do you do at Rowan Tree?

I am the Communications and Marketing Intern. I assist in creating content for Rowan Tree’s blog and social media channels. It is giving me a great foundation in digital marketing which I can apply and develop at a full-time job.

What did you like about being a Communications major?

I have always been passionate about writing, so being a Communications major was ideal. I liked how what I was learning always related to current events. It also provided me with a strong writing portfolio and interpersonal and intercultural communication skills.

What is your career plan?

I just graduated in December from George Mason and am currently on the lookout for a full-time position in the Communications field. I hope to one day also do freelance work.

What do you think is interesting about Rowan Tree?

The best thing about Rowan Tree is the community. I recently also became a caretaker of the physical space on Mondays and now I understand what I’ve written over and over again in my content; coming to Rowan Tree even just one day a week really does make a difference in your productivity and the camaraderie between the women is inspiring.

Sarah Castillo

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m an aspiring graphic designer and a dog mom who likes to try new things such as traveling, hiking, or finding a new hobby. I love all Asian food and when the summer temperature is just right, I love to go to music performances as well. I feel as though I have so much to offer to the world with what I can accomplish.

What do you do at Rowan Tree?

I’m the Design Intern which is giving me valuable experience that can be applied to anything I make.

What do you like about being a Graphic Design major?

The best thing about being a graphic design major is that it’s applicable to all sectors in life. It’s universal.

What is your career plan?

My short-term career plan is to find a full-time job when I graduate in the fall and become independent financially to pay rent and take care of my dog.

What do you think is interesting about Rowan Tree?

The best thing about Rowan Tree is the empowerment of women. I’ve always enjoyed sisterhoods with diversity and it’s nice to see the educational workshops they offer to constantly improve and inspire women.

There you have it — a quick behind the scenes peek at the Treehouse Interns and their invaluable contributions to Rowan Tree!

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