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Craft & Color Co

At Craft & Color Co, we specialize in providing stress-relieving, artful experiences based on your organization and your community. From your mission, vision, and values to your history, locations, and traditions, we help you share your story through individual works of art.

Choose from our selection of custom services: designed-for-you coloring pages; exclusive-to-you coloring books; built-for-you DIY craft kits.

Transform your favorite arts & crafts into your community’s colorful memories.

10% off for Rowan Tree Members.


Mindfulness Painting Experience: Creating Art from the Soul

Jody Tompros, LCSW, Intuitive Artist & Founder of Mindfulness Painting Experience weaves her life’s passion for painting, psychotherapy and meditation into facilitating groups and retreats to therapists, coaches and other explorers of self-discovery, spirituality, creativity and intuition.

Mindfulness Painting Experience offers a 15% discount to all Rowan Tree members registering for Mindfulness Painting classes and events.


Mizz Mozaic The Caterer of Creativity

Virtual & face-to-face mosaic art making experiences where YOU get to create a masterpiece. Team events, workshops and private classes available.

Rowan Tree members get a surprise!