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NoVA Weekend Warriors | Massage | Mobility | Mindful Breathwork

Empowering recreational, returning-to-fitness and new-to-fitness athletes to move freely and embrace their athleticism at all levels and abilities through therapeutic massage, movement, and easy to implement mindful breath work. Whether you walk, run, ride, lift, swim or glide, seated, standing, in motion or still… let’s celebrate you, all that you do and who you are today.

YOU are an athlete. You ARE a weekend warrior.

Included in your Rowan Tree membership is exclusive access to a monthly 10 minute Refresh Sesh offered on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. During the pandemic, this moves to an online “Ask a Massage Therapist + Movement Coach” session.

Rowan Tree members receive their first consult complementary (available online or at Rowan Tree).


Jenlene Nowak Running Coach

Running coach for the everyday runner. Beginner programs that includes bribery!

Surprises for Rowan Tree members.