RT Celebrates Campaign Launch with “Stretch + Sip”!

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On Monday May 7, Rowan Tree officially embarked on our journey to open the doors of our coworking + cogrowth space geared for women, coming this fall to Herndon, Virginia. We celebrated with an extra-special “Stretch + Sip” event at ArtSpace.

We had the chance to meet with friends old and new, partners, and — our FOUR Founding Members! The night offered the exact tone and vibe we hope to offer at Rowan Tree — one of light-hearted fun, authenticity, and deep meaning, value, efficiency, and support.

At our Stretch + Sip, we took the event name literally. Led by Marni Sclaroff, one of our wellness and mindfulness core programming partners, we enjoyed a beautiful, refreshing and light yoga session. As we stretched, several of our children scampered among us — reminding our attendees that at Rowan Tree, life and work often infuse into one another — and that’s okay.

After the yoga session, as everyone enjoyed their tea brewed by Elden Street Tea Shop, we talked about Rowan Tree: what we are doing, what we are about, and we introduced our partners. We are extremely excited to offer the highest quality of core programming and we endeavor to foster an environment of authenticity, creativity, and fresh perspectives. We had the chance to introduce several of our partners who will help us bring this programming vision to life:

Eleccion, our founding corporate partner, brings leadership and professional development programming that will help our members think strategically and creatively. Whether they are a self-run shop, a remote employee, or a CEO of a giant corporation, our members will have a chance to explore the power of the feminine traditions and how we can use those strengths in our businesses.

Empowered Women International is a phenomenal group in Northern Virginia that empowers women in the Greater DC Metro area facing economic and social challenges, including immigrants, refugees, and Americans with low income, to become economically mobile, financially stable and socially engaged. Rowan Tree and EWI are working together to bring diversity and inclusion to the Rowan Tree community. Through Rowan Tree’s 5:1 scholarship model, we will provide one annual membership scholarship for every five memberships purchased. EWI will help us identify our scholarship recipients through their entrepreneurial programs.

We introduced our founding members, and they shared why they joined Rowan Tree. They reinforced why we are doing all of this: to create a warm community geared for women who care about learning, growing their work, and infusing wellness and creativity into their everyday lives. We had a rich conversation about Rowan Tree – the history of how we came about and our member services and amenities.

And we answered the burning question: where does the name Rowan Tree originate?  Kate and Amy are best friends. We also happen to have the same exact birthday. As we explored business names to represent our shared birthday, we found that the Rowan Tree is the tree that symbolizes our day — April 9th. We were thrilled to discover that the Rowan Tree is also known as the “portal tree’ — taking you from where you are to where you wish to go. And the words used to describe its representation – vision, connection, and balance – matched the exact words we had written down when we envisioned our cowork and cogrowth business. The Rowan Tree grows in the toughest places, seeking the highest of altitudes. To us — it sounds like it may just be trying to crack a glass ceiling. The name was meant to be.

Where do we go from here?

To open our physical space this fall, we have to raise that $money$! How are we doing it? We are putting our own money in (thank you dear husbands for your faith!!). We are crowdfunding. And we will be getting ourselves right up in front of investors so we can create the perfect space for our members.

We are also building our community now by pre-selling memberships. Our Founding Members are our earliest supporters and shape our community into awesome. They join us for exclusive pre-launch events and enjoy a special thank-you $500 discount off annual membership.

Learn more about us!

Watch our beautiful new crowdfunding campaign video, which in 3 minutes conveys our vision of Rowan Tree: a place where women can work, connect, be well, and create — and then hit the grocery store on the way home. And in the meantime – join us for one of our upcoming events: Pose + Plays, Mornings + Mimosas, or some pop-up coworking event – starting May 23rd at ArtSpace every other Wednesday. We will offer programming, coffee and tea. Check out our events page for details!

*A special thanks to Veritas Artizen Chocolate for providing your decadent sweets to go with the tea!


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