Tax Time at the Treehouse: A Productive and Safe Space in Herndon, VA

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Knee deep in tax preparation? Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery. The Rowan Treehouse is the perfect location for Northern Virginia accountants and tax preparers to hunker down and get the job done this spring. We are located at 280 Sunset Park Drive in Herndon, VA and we would love to have you use the space for all your needs.

Conference Room Rentals in Herndon, VA

Our conference rooms are perfect for meeting with clients in person. Our Tree Loft conference room has an open ceiling to allow for maximum air flow and our Tuckaway room is the perfect nook to put on blinders and dig into accounting software on behalf of your clients. Both conference rooms offer whiteboards and a projection screen for your laptop.

We also have a large sunny open space that is perfect if you don’t need a conference room, but could benefit from working in a quiet, uninterrupted space. It mimics the vibe of a professional office setting, but with the warmth of home (minus the distractions at home – no laundry, dishes, kids, or furballs here!).

And, everyone is welcome to take advantage of our lightning-fast WiFi and high speed printer as well! 

Treeloft Conference Room with Open Ceiling
Tuckaway Conference Room

We have many safety guidelines and protocols in place to protect you during the pandemic. These guidelines include but are not limited to mandatory mask wearing, sanitizer stations, desk dividers, and routine cleaning and disinfecting. Learn more about our COVID-19 guidelines here.

Conference Room Booking, Open Workspace, and Weekend Access

Rowan Tree is the perfect location for anyone doing their taxes this season, to really concentrate on their work. Book a conference room, utilize our open drop-in workspace for a day, or learn more about our month to month full time memberships. Need nights and weekends? We have a special membership level for that too. Contact us at for more information.

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