The Future of Business in a Post-Covid World: The 3-2-2 Work Week

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Even with the stop-start-stop-again of re-entering the work place thanks to the Covid Delta variant, one thing is certain: the way we work will not look the same as it did prior to the pandemic. Many businesses big and small are opting for a 3-2-2 work week, where employees work 3 days in the office, 2 days remotely, and are off for 2 days.

The 3-2-2 work week helps integrate work and life

The pandemic brought to light something that many working moms know: work and life are integrated. The more flexibility we have, the better off we are. The 3-2-2 work week allows employees to mold their work lives around their personal lives, making it easier to enjoy the moments that matter. Along with the found personal time, employees can carve out time to get their work done in a way that makes sense. Whether it’s picking up the kids from soccer practice, walking the dog, or fitting in a workout between meetings, the added flexibility allows employees to pay attention to what’s important to them. Flexible schedules can help employees feel happier and more balanced. Even more, flexible work schedules have proven to increase job performance, productivity, and attendance. So not only are employees benefiting from this new schedule, but businesses are profiting from it, too.

Businesses benefit from the 3-2-3 work week, too

Job Performance The 3-2-2 work week increases job performance in many ways. Employees are producing higher quality work because they’re getting more sleep, aren’t spending extra time (or stress) commuting, and feel empowered to complete their job requirements at times when they are most productive. According to FlexJobs, 94% of employers found that company productivity was about the same or higher while employees worked from home during the pandemic.

Increased Productivity Under this new schedule, employees are finding that they do not need the full five days to complete their work for the week. They are prioritizing their time and cutting out typical office distractions in favor of completing their work.

Increased Attendance Previously, when employees had the sniffles they often felt the need to come into the office. With more flexible models, employees feel freer to complete their work from home when they are able, and take breaks on their road to recovery. This reduces the possibility of transmission to other staff and allows them to recover faster.

Rowan Tree supports those who need a flexible space to focus and work

Our traditional work structures and work habits are a thing of the past and the 3-2-2 work week and similar flexible options are here to stay. It’s a silver lining of this shared pandemic experience — one that undoubtedly benefits all.

Looking for a landing spot outside of your home office? Rowan Tree has coworking memberships and rentable conference rooms that provide a bridge to your new work-life-flex schedule. We hope to see you there!

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