The Top 8 Reasons Your Team Needs a Coworking Space

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By: April Horency

1. FREE coffee made for you

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that mean the most. I don’t know about you, but coffee is my little way to get through the day. It’s super nice when you don’t have to make it yourself — or better yet, pay for it.

2. Printer where the ink never runs out…Ok, it does, but it’s always restocked and you don’t have to order it

Conversely, some little things in life can get annoying. One of those things when working from home is the printer running out of ink…right in the middle of a time-sensitive print job! At Rowan Tree we always have ink, and replace it for you.

3. Crazy fast internet…no more dropped Zoom calls

It always starts with the picture lagging and the audio cutting out. Then Zoom just closes — at the WORST time. Luckily coworking spaces like Rowan Tree provide a high speed and reliable internet connection so that’s never an issue, making hybrid meetings stress-free. You can even rent our Meeting Owl to make the experience even better for those team members who are still at home.

4. Get all the business benefits of a traditional office without the costly, long-term lease

The start of the pandemic for you may have looked like this: your team went virtual but you were still stuck paying a lease for a large office space that you weren’t using. You wanted to meet together in-person sometimes though, because you know there is power in your team being together. Coworking is a perfect solution, with rentable conference rooms. Also, if you switched your business address to your home during the pandemic, consider using a coworking space as your mailing and business addresses to maintain a professional presence and keep your personal data private.

5. Flexible memberships made for your team

We know that each team is unique and has different needs. Coworking spaces have flexibility to meet them. Rowan Tree will work to learn your company so we can curate the right membership for you. 

6. Increased innovation and productivity

Brainstorming ideas with your team is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. It sparks collaboration and innovation. You simply can’t get that at home. Getting out of your home once in a while (we recommend twice a week) will also improve your work-life balance. And there is something magical about Rowan Tree that helps you get in the zone and be much more productive.

7. Team member self-improvement

Taking care of your mental health shouldn’t be pushed to the back burner by work. At Rowan Tree we don’t just focus on business, but an individual’s whole self. We offer various Rowgramming events that you and your employees can take advantage of with a focus on small business, personal development, antiracism and equity, creativity, self care, and more.

8. Collaboration and camaraderie

Managing a team can be hard regardless of the size, but working alongside other business owners and small companies can create a sense of camaraderie. At coworking spaces you can share stories and give suggestions to fellow business owners. Working in a niche coworking space, like Rowan Tree, that is focused on women business owners, offers a whole other level of support and collaboration. There’s no competition here — just support.

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