Why It Is Worth It: 7 Reasons Why Coworking Is Affordable at Rowan Tree

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By Ellie Gosling

When we think about starting our own business, we usually think of the obvious expenses: rent, equipment and inventory, marketing, etc. But, as many of us find out (sometimes a bit too late), there are plenty of hidden costs too. 

Coworking spaces like Rowan Tree are an incredibly valuable resource for the budding and seasoned entrepreneur. Offering holistic support from psychological to physical to logistical, Rowan Tree is a different type of coworking space — it’s a community. Even more, Rowan Tree makes coworking more affordable by supporting business owners in many of those sneaky hidden costs…and can help increase our chances of success so we are spending our money (and time!!) where it matters.

1. Networking Events

Entrepreneurs can easily spend morning, noon, and night driving around the Northern VA region attending all sorts of different networking events to grow and build their business…and it gets expensive. Especially in the DC region, networking can easily cost at least $100 or more a month for different events. Those lunches and happy hours add up! At Rowan Tree, the networking comes to you. Included with a Rowan Tree membership is organic networking, warm connections with fellow members, and a strong referral system. At the year-end survey, the majority of members have gained at least one referral, and some members have gained up to 7 referrals as a result of the connections they made.

2. Professional and Personal Development

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to continually invest in workshops and training to keep our skills sharp, learn ways help strengthen our businesses, and also to participate meaningful and fulfilling activities. Training courses and workshops c could cost $150 or more. Rowan Tree holds many free professional and personal workshops for its members, or “Rowgramming.” In fact, over 300+ hours and counting. Whether outside experts present or Rowan Tree’s own members hold member-to-member workshops, there is always a unique perspective and new information being brought to attention. The value of a coworking membership is clear with this offering alone. As members provide feedback on their 

3. Private Meeting Rooms

Each member gets 5 hours per month of private meeting space to use with clients, team members, or vendors. Normally costing entrepreneurs around $250 per month to rent out, private meeting rooms are a large expense that is necessary and hard to get around. This cost alone will put you over the price of a Rowan Tree membership. With these private meeting rooms, it is possible to stay within budget and have a professional and inviting place to welcome potential clients. 

4. Ink + Paper

Consider the amount of paper one uses when starting a business. Whether it is printing out an idea sheet, a data spreadsheet, or a flyer, the amount of printing always seems to add up. The perk of being able to print 50 sheets per month is included with a Rowan Tree membership thus saving you around $40 per month. 

5. Health + Wellness

It is easy to forget or overlook your health when starting a business — but if we can’t take care of ourselves, we certainly can’t take care of our work. Gym memberships, drop-in classes, and other wellness programs can cost at least $100 per month, but at Rowan Tree these benefits are complementary. At Rowan Tree, not only are free yoga classes, mini massages, and other wellness workshops included in membership, but you get to enjoy it just a few steps away from your laptop. Taking a wellness break cannot be any easier!

6. Coffee Meetings

Tree House Coffee ClubWho doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee or tea during a meeting? At Rowan Tree, there is an unlimited supply of free locally purchased coffee and tea! This amenity could save a new entrepreneur $100 per month in coffee meetings. Offer a cup o’ joe to your clients and teams when they come to visit…and while you are at it, enjoy our monthly “Treehouse Coffee Club” where members can connect and caffeinate every 1st Friday.

7. Parking

That one-hour meeting can get pretty expensive once you plug that little white ticket in the pay machine. Those parking garage charges are some of the sneakiest costs of them all. Rowan Tree is situated in a shopping center with free parking. While we admit, parking can sometimes be a little tricky at lunchtime (Wooboi hot chicken has definitely caused quite the well-deserved stir), there is plenty of parking for everyone.

Focusing on just the economics, an entrepreneur can save more than $500 dollars per month on those hidden costs just by joining the Rowan Tree community. Rowan Tree creates an affordable coworking space that helps new businesses grow and succeed. And while we can put dollars and cents to these costs, the experience of being a part of a community with other like-minded professionals who cheer each other on is priceless. 

Join us today.

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