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Freedom to choose your office space

We are emerging from an unprecedented time and are ready to move forward. Ready to find a new normal, and a bit more freedom.

We know this: our homes cause us to have never-ending mental to-do lists that we can’t take a break from. Our families are our foundation and fill us with love, but sometimes distance is necessary for mental health. Now we can finally take that step outside again. 

At Rowan Tree, we hear you, we feel you, we are you. As social and independent beings, we need that freedom to choose. That freedom to decide where the heck we are going to work today — whether it’s in our pjs at home; lakeside; at a solo getaway like Her Hideaways; or a beautiful, clean, motivating place like Rowan Tree — it is so important to the human spirit to maintain that freedom. 

And whether we are entrepreneurs or 9-5’ers we all have something in common. We need flexibility in order to have creativity and adaptability. And we have been adapting like crazy…for over a year! It is time to change the pace, safely, and embrace working from anywhere we choose. 

“We’ve recently seen an increase in Refocus Retreat packages being booked by women (and even a married couple) who simply need an inspiring and invigorating space that is ‘domestic distraction free’ to get their deep work done. In addition to providing the warm space for multiple days and nights of productivity we also ensure our clients take time to revive themselves with creative self-care solutions around the apartment and also within the town, like our preferred partners scavenger hunt.” – Marcia Sheehan, Managing Partner of HerHideaways. 

Work in a space that inspires and opens your mind

We love what businesses like Her Hideaways are doing to provide guests with retreat and/or supplies to be productive, depending on what they need most. Rowan Tree follows a similar mindset by providing a beautiful and productive workspace with nooks to take a break, read a book, and even opportunities and space to stop and do yoga or meditate. The programming is geared around women in business but also incorporates elements of wellness, personal development, social time, and creativity. All infused with the power of community and collaboration and all designed to support you where you need it most.

We all need the choice to work from where we please. Jamie Hodari, CEO of Industrious, echos this saying, “The thing that employees want and need more than anything else is choice: choice of when to go to the office and when not to, choice of when to go to work, choice of whether to do heads-down work without being distracted, choice of how to use their time.”

Rowan Tree offers flexible memberships to help you focus and connect

And don’t forget, at Rowan Tree, we offer several membership types to allow you that necessary flexibility. We offer the amenities many of you may desperately need: fast wifi, a color printer, conference rooms with white boards and projection screens for teams and client meetings, a workspace without distractions, and most of all, human connection.

Safely distanced presentation with full A/V support.

What are you waiting for? Check out our space (safely), become a member, and join our network of awe-inspiring business women! Or be a part of our virtual community of passionate and supportive women all working to better themselves, grow their businesses, and build on their passions.

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