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Infused with Growth, Kindness, and Camaraderie.

Geared for women entrepreneurs and welcome to ALL, Rowan Tree offers an inclusive, safe, and open virtual community and a beautiful, productive in-person workspace in Herndon, VA. Within our growth ecosystem of women entrepreneurs and passionate allies, we intentionally foster a community of connection, collaboration, and inspiration; operating with a shared mindset of abundance. We infuse a mix of business, wellness, creativity, laughter, and self-health into our events and workshops.

Join a community filled with passionate, honest, and courageous women who cheer each other on as we do our best work and pursue our passion.

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Together we grow. Together we thrive.
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Safely work in-person or collaborate and network virtually with smart and inspiring womxn. Meet with clients or small teams in private conference rooms or gather safely in our wide-open space.


Virtually be part of a warm community and inclusive growth ecosystem. Develop a support system to help guide your business, career, or personal growth.

Be Well + Create

Take time to focus on your wellbeing through virtual yoga, mindfulness, mental health conversations, and creative events. Take a moment to find your center or be inspired.

We believe work should ignite your passion, build your strengths,
enhance your creativity and enrich your physical health.


Are you seeking to connect with other warm, bright, and professional women? To engage virtually in professional and personal growth workshops? Or are you looking for a unique, productive, safe workspace to get away and work a few times a week on your own or with a team in a meeting room? A place with no kids or fur balls, and masked social interaction with good humans? Or are you craving a combination of all of these? We understand these times are unusual and ever-changing. That’s why we offer thoughtful and useful membership levels that can flex to your needs – no matter how they may vary.


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1 Workday + 1 Event

Growth Zone

2 Workdays + Community,
Unlimited Events

Treehouse Workspace

Access to Workspace, Community, Events, + More


Try it out!
1 Workday + 1 Event

Growth Zone

2 Workdays + Community,
Unlimited Events

Treehouse Workspace

Access to Workspace, Community, Events, + More

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A snap-shot of our community:

“Without Rowan Tree, during the pandemic, I think I would have slowed down and stopped. Instead, I was able to not only thrive but create some new and innovative online programs for my clients and I owe a lot of that success to Rowan Tree. I love being in the treehouse whether it’s virtually or in-person.”
– Meg Donnelly, Licensed Massage Therapist and Movement Coach

treehouse marketplace

At Rowan Tree we believe we are stronger when we work together to support one another. We are excited to introduce the Treehouse Marketplace as our way of supporting and elevating even more local female small business owners. It is our intention to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and unique shop that celebrates all different types of products, experiences, and people.

Discover one of a kind products that we absolutely love and know you will too.

What is the Rowan Tree?

Known as the “portal tree,” the Rowan Tree inhabits the threshold between here and the place you wish to go. Growing in seemingly impossible places, such as the highest altitudes, craggy streambeds and even inside other trees, this fast-growing pioneer represents vision, balance, connection, and power.

Like our members, the Rowan’s leaves are banded together, yet individual, forming an arrow to point the way. It loves great heights…perhaps seeking to crack a glass ceiling or two on its way up.

The Rowan Tree also happens to represent the shared birthday of co-founders and best friends Amy + Kate.


  • Rowan Tree is a professional community for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs unlike any other in the DC area. The community is exceptional: diverse, supportive, and welcoming. I am more productive in the well-equipped office space, and it’s perfect for small and private meetings. I have privacy for calls when I need it, and delicious coffee and tea is always available. As a bonus, the high-quality personal and professional development opportunities offered make Rowan Tree the best decision I’ve ever made for myself and my business.

    Erin Gibbens President/CEO of Resonate Learning
  • Rowan Tree gave Mizz Mozaic the opportunity to co-create the founding member mosaic tree art work that is displayed for all who enter the space. I never imagined I would have my name connected to, in my opinion, the most meaningful and collaborative piece of art in Herndon! Being part of the Rowan Tree movement has been nothing short of inspiring. The opportunity has elevated my business on so many levels. It’s truly a dream to be part of something so special.

    Jenlene Nowak @mizzmozaic
  • I wake up excited to go to Rowan Tree and see my friends! I also happen to get a lot more work done there than at home. It is everything I had been wishing for!

    Danielle Daily The Suddenly Single Show | IG: The_DanielleDaily.
  • I am productive when I cowork at Rowan Tree. But in addition, I often get something unexpected and totally needed while I am here. I’ve enjoyed the best conversations with the most amazing people. From work to relationship, I know I can get honest & compassionate advice from my Rowan Tree family. The best part for my business is the collaboration with several local businesses. The opportunity to combine my passion for yoga, with the passions of others, including life coaching, tea, and running, is exciting and fun.

    Gretchen Schutte Tulaprana Yoga
  • My best business outcome so far is not just one thing. It’s that I feel confident meeting clients there because inevitably as soon as they see the space they want to know more — what is this place and how did you find it? It’s got a great “feel” to it for sure. Warm, personal, different from the more corporate co-working spaces.

    Alyssa Baird Lum Luminate Financial Planning
  • As an entrepreneur and also now as a telecommuting employee, being surrounded by successful and growing women (and a few good men!) is inspiring and motivating. I know I have a network and environment at Rowan Tree that strengthens me both personally and professionally.

    Cheryl Toner American Heart Association
  • I love the atmosphere at Rowan Tree! Even when I'm focusing intently I still feel part of a very special community. Grateful to have a place where I can be inspired and productive.

    Sarva Rajendra Sahasra Deepika Foundation
  • I love meeting and building connections with other amazing women. Plus having a cozy place to work occasionally that’s cleaner than my living room!

    Shashonna Smith When Doves Code

Connect, cowork + cogrow with us! Memberships are open!