Coworking Isn’t Just for Business Owners

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By: April Horency

Coworking spaces offer a shared space to finish work efficiently and be your genuine self with a strong community supporting you the whole way. Researchers at Harvard Business Review (HBR) found, “people who belong to them report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale.”

Now, you may be asking yourself, who are these people and might I be one of them? 

Who uses coworking spaces?

The obvious answer is small business owners. However, coworking is not just for small business owners. Rowan Tree is also the perfect place for…

Women Exploring Their Futures + Selves

Whether you are looking to change industries or potentially open a business yourself, Rowan Tree is the place for you to explore all of your options. Rowan Tree offers a community of inspiring and supportive women that may not only give you the amazing idea you were looking for, but also be there to support you as you take it on. 

Even if you still have a 9 to 5 corporate job and add this exploration as a side quest, we offer a Weekend/Night Owl membership. You get the best of both worlds by gaining a space to explore your side passion project but keep your day job. This is just one example of the other unique individuals who frequent coworking spaces like Rowan Tree.

“They embrace their members, they help them grow, they’re super cheerleaders, and it just makes me want to keep coming back to be in their presence because I know that the more I steep myself in the community, the better business person I’m going to be and the better human I get to be.”

Diana Forbes, Diana Forbes Coaching

College Students 

Have a summer internship but no professional space to conduct your work? Coworking spaces are perfect for a college student. Not only do you get a place outside of your parent’s house to focus on your work, but you are able to surround yourself with people already in the positions you aim to fulfill once you graduate. Coworking is an excellent opportunity for students to network with professionals from a wide range of industries which may lead to a mentorship or, if you’re lucky, a connection that helps you launch your career after graduation.

Remote Workers

Whether you are virtual because your company still has not reopened the office or you came to love the freedom of remote work and accepted a 100% remote role, there are some downsides that come with this switch. Working from home constantly throws your work-life balance out of whack so there must be a boundary set between the two. Coming into Rowan Tree even once a week offers a beneficial level of structure that won’t compromise your freedom.


Just like remote workers, you probably work from home minus occasional client meetings. Where do you meet those clients? Coworking not only offers the benefits of a change of scenery, but a way to get the business amenities that your home office lacks as well. With a membership at Rowan Tree, you gain access to our shared office space that has free coffee, tea, parking, and scanning + printing as well as private meeting rooms to rent, networking events, and monthly business + personal development events. Events are the perfect opportunity for you to meet your potential next client!

Traveling Professionals

Coworking spaces are located in large metropolitan cities which are the most common travel destinations for professionals. Northern Virginia has an abundance of coworking spaces. We recently identified the top 8 places to cowork in our area: Office Evolution, Make Offices, Spaces, We Work, Industrious, AWL Creative, Venture X, and of course, Rowan Tree

Changing your scenery at Rowan Tree can improve your work-life balance, increase happiness levels, promote learning, change habits, and boost productivity. We want to give you these priceless perks and help you be a part of the group of individuals who are thriving because of coworking. If you align with any of these personas, join us for a free trial day or a Friday Coffee Club to see if Rowan Tree is the space for you.

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