Coworking Membership? It’s a No-Brainer

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By: April Horency

Is working from home putting you in a funk? Is work getting harder and harder to finish? In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review (HBR), 84% of respondents reported that working in a coworking space improved their work engagement and motivation. We found the same when we surveyed our members at Rowan Tree, our Herndon, VA workspace. If that isn’t enough to entice you, keep reading to see how the value of a Rowan Tree membership is endless.

Endless Value of a Coworking Membership


If you’ve ever looked into owning a traditional office space you know how expensive it can be. Just parking can run up a bill of between $20 to $60 monthly, let alone the cost of the space itself. Coworking spaces like Rowan Tree shield you from that bill. We take the most expensive element of work and turn it into a service offered at a MUCH lower cost. With a Rowan Tree membership you not only get free and convenient parking, you also get free printing and scanning and a set number of free meeting room hours depending on membership level. Added bonus? The printer always has ink!

Working from home was the popular flexible solution at the beginning of the pandemic, but many are also realizing there are downsides, too. By changing your scenery and coming into Rowan Tree as often as suits your schedule and needs, you get the priceless perk of increased productivity. Plus, Rowan Tree offers monthly business development workshops and events, such as the quarterly cogrowth cohorts, help you achieve your goals faster. 

Business Health and Networking

Humans are social creatures. So while remote work sounds enticing, it is less than ideal for creating a sense of belonging. Coworking helps fight the loneliness epidemic COVID-19 and remote work have created. In fact, in a study conducted by HBR, 83% of respondents reported that they are less lonely since joining a coworking space. A shared office space gives you endless opportunities to chat with your fellow women entrepreneurs about work or life issues. At Rowan Tree we go a step further in helping to foster these relationships by organizing coffee clubs, happy hours, and connection days because we want you to feel a part of the community. Think friendship. Think family. Think sisterhood.

Working alongside other individuals in different fields than your own is a way to expand your network. In a study conducted by HBR, 82% of respondents reported that coworking has expanded their professional networks. Not only do you get to increase brand awareness, but you can also organically offer your services and utilize their services as well. 

Though one of Rowan Tree’s tenets is “collaboration over competition,” ultimately everyone wants to prove they are the best at what they do. When you’re surrounded by hard work and success, you want to match that energy to achieve the same success. Your fellow members want to see you achieve it too, so they are there not only to cheer you on, but to also hold you accountable. They each understand the struggles you are facing in your own business journey and are willing to brainstorm solutions with you as well. This sharing of knowledge is a perk that members find priceless.

“This is the space that helps you to find other people doing the same thing that you are and to learn from them, to grow your business, and to celebrate the successes. Also have someone to share when things aren’t going well because lo and behold, you will find someone who has a good idea for you or a solution and can help get you over that obstacle and kind of help your business to move forward.” – Amy Slenker-Smith, Owner, Simply Enough

Holistic Wellbeing

Without a peaceful mind, your business suffers. Your mind is everywhere but on your work. By taking the time to focus on your own well-being, you can better focus on the task at hand. Through formal workshops focused on personal development, Rowan Tree helps members in these challenges. We infuse a mix of business, wellness, creativity, laughter, and self-health into our events and workshops. Take a look at some of our upcoming events.

Rowan Tree, headquartered in Northern Virginia, offers a variety of flexible membership levels so that you can take advantage of the endless value of a membership based on your needs. Helping you, your business, and even your wallet, is Rowan Tree’s mission. Come check out the magic of our treehouse today. Meet a new local business owner, grab a cup of locally crafted coffee or tea, and get some work done under our signature twinkling lights.

Rowan Tree coworking community is located at 280 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon VA 20170, located in the fabulous gem, Sunset Business Park.

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