Northern Virginia’s Hidden Gem for Branding Photography

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Many businesses are opening up now with the COVID-19 vaccine becoming readily available. That means employees and business owners are also venturing out more. As people show up with their fresh post-covid haircuts and wardrobes that don’t involve elastic waistbands, it’s the perfect time for new headshots. Often people are looking for branded photos that show them working or sitting in a beautiful backdrop showing off their personality, style, and occupation. 

Rowan Tree, located in Herndon, Virginia, offers a wonderful venue for headshot sessions or personal branding photography. With its high ceilings, natural light, reclaimed wood, tailored metal work, twinkle lights, and touches of bold color throughout, it is a warm space full of character and a plethora of options and angles to choose from. Everything from professional desk shots to comfy couch images and even an open room for dance or yoga photographs. This is also the perfect place to set up a backdrop if your client wants a more traditional photo.

Headshots by Mina Habibi, Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer

“I absolutely love having Rowan Tree as a location option for photographing clients. The ‘office’ look is perfect for environmental headshots that offer a more casual feel and the space is big enough that I can also set up backdrops for more formal headshot options. The natural light pouring couldn’t be any better! And there is space to get really creative, again using backdrops, their furniture, or the rooms in general. It’s been a great addition to my home studio set up and outdoor locations.” – Mina Habibi,

We invite Northern Virginia headshot photographers to Rowan Tree, also known as the Treehouse, to tour the space and book your next session at this hidden gem. We are located at 280 Sunset Park Drive in Herndon, VA in Sunset Business Park nestled among other small businesses including the now famous Woo Boi Chicken, tasty Weird Brothers Coffee, and Le 23 Cafe.

In addition to our unique space, we have conference rooms suitable for meeting with clients in person, including one with an open ceiling to allow for maximum air flow. Our conference rooms are complete with whiteboards and a projection screen for your laptop. Our main open space is perfect if you don’t need a conference room. It mimics the peace and quiet of a professional office setting with the ability to spread out that often can’t be found in a small studio setting. You can also take advantage of our lightning-fast WiFi and high speed printer. 

Rowan Tree has many safety guidelines and protocols in place to protect you during the pandemic. These guidelines include but are not limited to mandatory mask wearing, sanitizer stations, desk dividers, and routine cleaning and disinfecting. Learn more about our COVID-19 guidelines here.

Studio photography and outside portraits are a great solution for headshots, but if you are looking for something different, Rowan Tree is the perfect location. Interested in taking a tour? Or booking your next headshot session? Send us a message or give us a call at 703-705-9449 and we can learn more about your needs and discuss photography packages. 

Looking for workspace in the Herndon area? Book a conference room, utilize our open drop-in workspace for a day, or learn more about our month to month full time memberships. Rowan Tree is also a great location to film interviews or videos.

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