our story

It just so happens that co-founders Amy and Kate share the same birthday (same day and year). When celebrating our birthday last year, we talked about how much strength women get from one another. We talked about how amazing women are when they join together for a common goal, and about how disconnected women often feel because they are all just trying to dig their own path to keep moving forward. The seed was planted.

This conversation stuck with both of us. This little idea about bringing women together kept pushing its way into our minds. Several months later while on a lunch break walk together, our idea sprouted. We decided to create a space for women that was equally focused on connection, productivity, and balance while also being infused with creativity, wellness, and light. It was here that the Rowan Tree coworking and cogrowth idea took root…and began to grow.


Amy + Kate, Florence 2005


Amy + Kate, iFundWomen 2018

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them.
May we be them. May we raise them.”

Amy Dagliano

Co-Founder + Inspiration Cultivator

Amy is a talented and focused Creative Marketing Director with 15+ year’s experience in graphic design, marketing direction, and government consulting. Working first at small agencies, she then moved on to Booz Allen Hamilton as a Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director. She led designs for clients, mentored and trained staff, and managed branding efforts for the firm. In her current role, Amy translates clients’ visions into inspiring and unique creative solutions. She wears many hats, spanning from print designer, branding specialist, project manager, culture and team builder, employee engagement expert, and creative conceptual brainstormer.

Throughout her career Amy has learned the importance of leading with empathy and grace. As an adult, Amy’s friends affectionately call her “Captain” for her ability to turn ideas into reality through her attention to detail, ability to delegate, and determination to make it happen.

Kate Viggiano Janich

Co-Founder + Positivity Instigator

Kate is a seasoned Project Management Professional (PMP) and Strategic Communicator. A management and communications consultant for 12+ years at Booz Allen Hamilton and Atlas Research, she is known for her expertise in program management, event coordination, strategic communications, stakeholder relationship management, change management, and employee engagement. She leads simultaneous multi-million dollar budget projects and leads proposal and capture efforts for new business development.

Clients and team members praise Kate for her ability to listen to a problem, develop step-by-step solutions, navigate her team through barriers all while infusing humor and creativity. After the 2016 election, Kate co-founded Together We Will Northern Virginia, a now 2000-member strong grassroots group and respected key player in the NoVA political community. She is eager to create a space for women to reach their highest potential…and perhaps crack some glass ceilings along the way.