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Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation

We help business leaders resolve conflict, manage people well, and improve culture. After all, we spend too much time working to not be happy at work! CM+F specializes in building custom participatory processes for clients who need to engage in group decision-making, group planning, or need help resolving conflict. Starting in 2022, we’re building new culture change programs where your employees get to build the work culture they want – remote, hybrid, or on-site – through a series of facilitated sessions.

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YesToLife Coaching LLC

Moms of all ages and stages: Finding yourself a bit lost when it comes to your own needs and wants? Feeling like your roles and to-do lists define you and drive your scheduling? Dawn Geschiere is an Empowerment Coach with a focus on Moms (and a few Dads too) with kids still at home or Moms whose kids are leaving the nest. Through individual and group coaching Dawn guides you back to realigning with your values and purpose and reestablishing your priorities. You are much more than your roles and schedules–let’s reconnect you to your authentic self, the one who lives intentionally in purpose and power.

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Diana Forbes Coaching

MOMS (AND OTHER BUSY WOMEN) WHO DO TOO MUCH: Are you too exhausted to take care of your own needs because you’re constantly at the mercy of everyone else’s? As a certified life coach, Diana can help you to reclaim and prioritize what you need most in a way that makes sense for whatever unique stage of life you’re in. In addition to her 12 years of experience helping women eliminate time and energy drains, Diana was hand-picked to become one of author Eve Rodsky’s first “Fair Play” Method Certified Facilitators, so if your domestic/invisible/mental workload is an issue, she offers a proven system to help — with or without the support of a partner. Realistic solutions toward more guilt-free time, focus, and energy for yourself ARE possible — visit Diana’s website today to set up a free call and get started!