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Written by Rowan Tree member Danielle Daily, TEDx Speaker, Author, Anthropologist, and the Host of The Suddenly Single Show.

What is Pre-premotional Marketing?

When big companies like movie studios bring a new product to market, they don’t wait until the day of the release to start talking about it. That’s because movie studios know at least 80% of their marketing cycle is in the pre-promotional period. 

Pre-promotional marketing is something almost no one in the entrepreneurial world talks about, and the most underutilized way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to build awareness, excitement, and demand for their next big thing! Even if you have the best product or service on the market, if you wait until it is available to consumers, they’re probably not going to be all that excited about it.

People love to know what’s coming before they can buy it. They want to get excited about the next new thing! Take them along for the ride by sharing what you’re creating as you develop it. An easy way to do this is to share the steps you’re working through from ideation to execution.

Below is an example of how to do that from one of my areas of expertise: podcast marketing. 

Podcasters create episodic content and often release a new show every week. When you share the steps to creating the episode with your audience through updates on social media, the excitement, awareness and demand for your episodes will go way up. 

7 Opportunities to Pre-promote

For a podcast with guest interviews, there are at least 7 opportunities to pre-promote an individual episode. 

  1. When you have the idea for the episode
  2. When you take the first action towards contacting a guest
  3. When you book the guest for an interview
  4. Just before recording the episode
  5. Post-recording
  6. When announcing the release date
  7. The day before release teaser

Using some or all of these opportunities to pre-market your shows will generate a whole lot more excitement than simply posting, “New episode just dropped today!” 

Think about creating a piece of pre-promotional content like letting people share in the experience of the development of an unborn baby. People want to hear how the baby is growing and changing. In witnessing that development, they become more far more interested and invested in whatever is being developed; product, service, podcast episode, or tiny human.

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About the Author

Danielle Daily is a TEDx Speaker, Author, Anthropologist, and the Host of The Suddenly Single Show. Her uncommon mixture of infectious enthusiasm, unconventional ideas, and spectacular smile has made this pint-sized lady a popular inspiration to a global audience of entrepreneurs. 

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