The RT Learning Series: Professional Development + Personal Growth for Women Entrepreneurs

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At Rowan Tree we offer “Rowgramming” that is fun + useful. We take a twist on some of the stodgy subjects and keep it real. Whether it’s member to member or an outside facilitator, Rowan Tree is known as a hub for professional development and learning. Each workshop at Rowan Tree aligns with one of our four key elements – Work, Connect, Be Well, + Create. All our our events support and add value for the needs of women entrepreneurs. 

And our programming is not based on our own opinions. We shape these events based on continuous feedback. Since we opened our doors, we have been asking our members: What do YOU need to help you achieve your vision of success? They answered with wonderful ideas and suggestions.

So, in response to feedback from our members – and the community, we are jazzed to introduce our next RT LEARNING SERIES: Evolved Branding: What’s Behind the Logo? A logo means nothing if you don’t know what — or who — stands behind it. In this 4-part Evolved Branding series, participants will learn how to use their personal + professional stories to add meaning to their brands. You will learn how to attract customers who get it — and want it because it’s the authentic you.

Join us for Part 1 of our Evolved Branding: What’s Behind the Logo series on Tuesday, 7/23 8:30 – 9:30 AM, The Power of Your Personal Narrative.” Whether it’s the origin story of your business or forward progress in your life, you will learn how reframing this story can transform your perspective to one of empowerment + growth. Register here.

See more professional development + personal growth events at Calendar updated weekly. Or print out this helpful events sheet: upcoming-events_july

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