The Space

Amy + Kate

Welcome to Rowan Tree.

Warm, inviting, full of color. Work in an open space where you can share ideas, or focus in our “quiet zone.” Take a private call. Take a break and workout, do your yoga, go for a run or borrow some paint and create something new. Rowan Tree offers you a comfy couch, and great coffee, with the spaces you need for all kinds of productivity, creativity, and wellness, too.

Our “coffee shop coworking” space is built for you; for women who want to balance busy work lives with wellness, creativity, and the convenience they need in order to live well. That is why our location features easy parking and nearby amenities such as the grocery store, salon, cleaners, and restaurants.

Interested in renting Rowan Tree for your next event, meeting, or retreat? Request a quote.

We are so excited for our new space in Sunset Business Park!
280 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20170