The Third Space: What We Do In-Between What We Do

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Why do some people succeed at a much greater rate than others? What do they have that I don’t? We are both putting in the work…. We have equivalent qualifications…. What am I missing? 

Have you ever had those thoughts? We have. Luckily, thanks to Dr. Adam Fraser’s research, we also have the answer. In his video, he shares that those that do better are those who have found their Third Space, or the restorative space that exists in-between the things we actually do.

For example, those of us who are able to enter that Third Space, who are able to reflect, rest, and reset in between work activities and home activities, will find ourselves showing up with the right thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, allowing us to get the most out of what is coming next. 

Finding your Third Space will allow you to approach your life with an improved mindset. 

So, how do we get in the practice of finding our Third Space, especially in a time when the lines between work and home are blurry? We take care of ourselves as a whole. We don’t just focus on our goals, our aspirations, who we want to be, or where we want to be. We take time to focus on ourselves in the present, growing from moment to moment. 

Rowan Tree Co-Founder Kate Viggiano Janich has always maintained an emphasis on the importance of making room to breathe life, creativity, and well-being into the spaces between all the things we do. It’s by creating that space that we can live our very best lives and put so much energy into our passions.

A quick look at our events page will show you how Rowan Tree supports Kate’s vision. With yoga, coffee, crafting, walking, mental health discussions, and more, we provide just as many soul-nurturing event opportunities (virtual or safely in person) as there are business-nurturing event opportunities. At Rowan Tree, we consistently keep the whole person in mind, thus fostering an environment where one can access their Third Space. 

If you want to take part in our nurturing events that help you create your own Third Space, please look at our membership opportunities here

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