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Calling all small businesses owners and solopreneurs to the table!

Are you using your home address as your business address? Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or on the cusp of starting your business, you may have made the simple and quick decision to list your home as your business address. Even if you primarily work from home, there are a few important points to consider. We’ll examine why using your home address as your business address isn’t the best idea.

Professional Presence – You take yourself and your business seriously, and you want your clients to do the same. Does 123 Apple Orchard Court, Apt. 103 sound like a professional business address? Not likely. When a potential client searches for your business, they will want to see a location in a business district, not a home. 

Privacy Concerns – Sometimes a happy client may want to send a Thank You card or gift. Similarly, a disgruntled client may look up your address to file a formal complaint, or worse, decide to show up on your doorstep, which is probably the last thing you want. While life and work are blended more than ever these days, the separation between personal and business is critical, especially when it comes to your family’s privacy. 

Branding/Newsletter – The CAN-SPAM act makes it a legal requirement to list a physical mailing address at the bottom of each newsletter. If you do not include one, you may face fines up to $16000, per email! Additionally, if you include your address on your website, business cards, or brochures, you’ve given everyone access to your personal information. For consistency, all of this information should be the same.

Invoicing – When you invoice your client, you may be required by your vendor to include your address. Again, when treating your business seriously, and wanting clients to take your business seriously, the best practice is to abstain from using a home address. 

Legal – Did you know your city and neighborhood may have restrictions that state you can not run a business out of your home? This can especially be true if you are leasing, have an HOA, or a zoning requirement of your business that your home cannot meet. 

So what are your options? We are glad you asked! 

You can opt for a Virtual Office address instead.

What is a Virtual Office address? It’s basically a mailbox to receive mail and take the place of your business address, eliminating the need to expose your home address for all to see.

We are proud to now be offering this Virtual Office solution at Rowan Tree.

You can have your mail and packages delivered and you will be notified when something important shows up. Flexible pick up times make it easy for you to pop in when you are out and about and grab what you need. And, if you are interested in mail forwarding or a GMB listing, those options are available for an additional fee.

As an added bonus, if you need to meet with a client or put on your blinders and tackle a project for an afternoon, discounts are available for workspace, meeting rooms, and private event rentals.

Learn more and sign up for our Virtual Office solution. 

If you are looking for additional virtual business amenities like a virtual receptionist or someone to answer your live web chat, check out DaVinci, where you can search by location and find the right fit for your business needs.

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