We Forgot About the Magic of an In-Person Community

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During this past year, as we all worked from home, we forgot about the magic that happens when we come together, physically in one space. But last week we were reminded of that magic when we came together for open coworking.

We each have our own goals, our own work. But when we sit near each other, the air starts stirring.

With laughter.

With advice. 

With support.

With friendship.

With joy.

A membership to Rowan Tree is so much more than access to a space to work. 

✔ Yes, you can come in and focus in a beautiful and warm space.

✔ Yes, you can use the printer and meeting rooms and the phone booth.

✔ Yes, you can sip the awesome locally sourced coffee and tea.

✔ Yes, you can participate in programming to support your business development and well-being.

But oh, there is so much more when you are a member of Rowan Tree.

You are with a collective of women entrepreneurs just like you. Who live by #heartandhustle. Who believe in #collaborationovercompetition. 

And every single day, our members find ways to support each other, to cheer each other on, to share ideas and experiences, to celebrate wins — but to also help each other through our losses and heartbreaks. 

And therein lies the magic.

It has returned!

Join us as a Member. We would love to have you as part of our Treehouse Community.

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